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Data Privacy for CCPA

CCPA has forced brands and tech vendors to change the way they approach privacy. Now, organizations must find ways to enable geo-specific consumer opt-out, ensure your social media advertising is privacy-compliant, and stay on top of a growing regulatory policy. Get your website privacy-compliant with a few lines of code.


CCPA is impacting 3rd party tech on your website

Your cost-per-customer could be skyrocketing

With new laws like Facebook's Limited Data Use, it's easy to see how ensuring privacy signals are being sent from your site.

Non-Compliance is Costly

Fines start around $2,500.00 (per infringement). Get on the right side of data privacy.

Ensure Privacy Never Impacts Performance

We monitor your site for non-compliance and notify you if we see anything.

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Facebook Limited Data Use

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Data law compliance made simple

Configure your data privacy how it works best for you. We integrate with Shopify, Wordpress, Woocommerce, and through custom integrations.