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Loginhood is now Invisit!

We’re happy to announce today that as of today, we are rebranding Loginhood to Invisit, the first software for e-commerce companies to manage emerging privacy requirements in all of their channels, focused on protecting their performance.

Since 2018, our team has been building products to help businesses navigate the future of privacy and consumers take ownership of their data. This has included our Chrome Extension, a tool to help consumers protect their privacy and earn rewards for their data, and our consent management platform, a software helping businesses manage CCPA compliance.

Over the last several months, there has been a rise in perhaps the most urgent privacy changes to date: marketing platforms like Facebook and Google began implementing their own privacy restrictions to advertise on their platform. And if compliance was not met, performance would be penalized.

This meant for the first time privacy was no longer just a legal issue. It is now an issue affecting marketing performance and a business’s bottom line. And with the vast complexities surrounding what was actually required for privacy compliance, e-commerce companies are losing more sales every minute this isn’t handled. This was made clear with Facebook’s Limited Data Use, a recent privacy restriction that caused some e-commerce companies to lose >75% of their sales overnight.

We predict that channel-specific privacy requirements will continue to roll out at a rapid pace, leading to even more confusion and potential sales-loss. Our team believes this is now the most urgent issue in the privacy-realm and one that we are well-equipped to solve.

For these reasons, today we are announcing our re-launch as Invisit, the first privacy management company to monitor and automate every channel-specific privacy requirement to ensure your business doesn’t lose a single sale from non-compliance.

We move forward with many similar goals and have added a few new ones along the way. Our goal in rebranding is to energize our updated, hyper-focused, mission: “We do privacy. You do business.”

Contact sales@invisit.io today to learn more about how we’re building a privacy-centric future of e-commerce.